Traffic and Access


The number of parking spaces provided within the development will be in line with local policy.

The parking will be carefully planned to enhance landscaping and to reduce visual impact. Parking areas will likely be a mix of driveways and parking bays. A use of mixed surfaces and materials will also be encouraged.

The site will be accessed from Isleport Lane via a new junction leading into the site. The new junction will be designed to ensure traffic leaving the site will turn left towards Mark Road as opposed to travelling along Isleport Lane and past existing residential properties.

The junction between Isleport Lane and Mark Road will be improved as part of the access works. An ’emergency vehicles only’ access will be provided at the northern end of the site onto Isleport Lane.

Footways and cycleways will be provided through the site, connecting to Isleport Lane to the north and south.

Access points